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Thanks so much for joining me. If you’re here, you may have read through the “About” section of my website. If you haven’t had a chance, please click here so I can share my background with you. It’s okay, I’ll wait!

Have you read it? Did you connect with something? Did something click? You clicked, so it probably did! As this is my first blog, of course I haven’t been doing this for too long. But as I’ve gone through the challenges, successes and failures in my life, the greatest resources and inspiration for me came from those who have been there.

My intention with my blog is to be that resource and inspiration for others who are going through the challenges and difficulties that I’ve been through and come out the other side, worn out but focused and stronger for it:

  • Parenting
  • Divorce
  • Cancer
  • Career
  • Depression
  • Abusive relationships
  • Burying your parents
  • Forgiveness
  • Self-acceptance

Most importantly: taking charge of your life and navigating your own course, direction and intention starting now.

Hitting age 50 was a biggie, bigger than I anticipated. I can’t remember a decade change being as powerful since I turned 20 – I’m not a teenager anymore, I’m an adult, holy crap! What do I do now? Now it’s: holy crap, most likely I’ve passed the mid-point of my life, I’m entering that “last chapter.” How did that happen so quickly? What do I do now? I thought I would have it all together at this point. My parents sure did, or at least I thought they did. I sure don’t.

A part of my story I didn’t share in my “About” section happened to me last year. I would like to share that with you if you’ll stick with me a little longer. At the age of 50, I had a complete and total emotional breakdown to the point where my husband and brother nearly hospitalized me for my own safety and protection. I was diagnosed with a dozen different emotional conditions and prescribed half a dozen medications. It’s been a brutal year, probably the most difficult yet in my life. Looking back, I’m glad it happened. It forced me to truly look at myself and my life, completely open and raw. It forced me to walk away from my nine-to-five job and my husband and I to truly look at our income and finances, open and raw. It forced us to make changes. We have since started our own business. It’s hard work and takes time, but we’re doing it together, on our time, by our rules. I’m not longer stuck behind a desk being told what to do by someone who only cares about his own bottom line.

For those of us entering that “last chapter,” we must let go of the expectations of those around us and take charge of our own well-being, our own direction, our own intention. Hopefully, we have a lot of time left. I want my time to effective, rewarding and meaningful. I look forward to sharing resources and challenging you to take action in reclaiming and redefining your own path moving forward on that journey.

I’m blessed to now be building a business with my husband, free from the shackles of the nine-to-five life, free from medications, and have the time to connect with you, providing value, resources, action tips and inspiration as you go through difficulties in our own journey. I want you to use my experiences and my breakdown to help you work through your challenges and find your intention. I would love to hear from you, hear your story, your goals. I look forward to connecting with you. We’re on this incredible journey together, let’s make the most of it.

Thanks for joining me on my first blog! Please let me know your thoughts, ideas and questions so I can use them in future blogs and hit on topics you want to hear about and that we can all learn from!

Game on – the best is yet to come!

Stephanie Adams

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