So what’s all the buzz on Bitcoins?? What’s Cryptocurrency?? Scam or Legit??

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Like many people, you’re looking for a way to work at home, for yourself and get away from the 9-to-5 life. As long as you have internet access, anything is possible, right? In your research, you’ve heard a lot about “Bitcoins” lately and are looking for reviews. What’s “Cryptocurrency?” Is it the real deal or just another investment scam, too good to be true?

In researching for my own business, I’ve been taking a closer look at Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency promotions lately and want to share my review with you.

But, before I start…

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Bitcoin Mentor Club Review

I recently came across a website offering a free webinar promoting the massively high possibility of collecting gains of 500%, 1000% or even 25,000% from this “new money revolution” of crypocurrencies. Of course, that interested me (who wouldn’t be??) so I attended. The webinar was given by a man named Cecil Robles, the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Infinitus Investment Research. He appears to be a very experienced and successful investor and claims to have been so since a very young age. I have no reason to doubt that, he seems very credible.

After the standard disclaimer, Mr. Robles gives example after example of investment that have multiplied exponentially. He’ll let you in on his secrets if you join his exclusive Bitcoin Mentor Club which includes a software platform that works like a virtual assistant, automatically telling you in what and how much to invest. All that’s needed from the investor is to make the investment you’re instructed to make and update the system once per day which allegedly takes only a few minutes of your time.

My question is, can I really trust him?

Mr. Robles does appear to be authentic: successful author (predicting several financial growths and failures) and investor, launching and growing a multi-million dollar trading and investment firm in 2008.

That said, when someone claims a virtual automated investment software system to an audience of people with little to no experience making investments with the possibility of a six to seven figure percentage return on investment with zero amount of work, it does raise a few eyebrows. Is it legit and worth paying attention to? When there’s no other way of learning about the investments until you “buy the package,” how do you really know if they are legit, if you can trust them and if this is an area in which you could succeed?

My personal take-away…

I’ve been looking deeper into investment possibilities with the growth of my own business, and aren’t we all looking for ways to grow our income? Of course we are, but I’ll be honest – I completed the webinar skeptical. It does appear to be something of value to a knowledgeable, experienced investor. But, if I’m a knowledgeable, experienced investor, why would I want or need an automated system telling me what to do?

My concern is this investment option is appealing to an inexperienced audience that is looking for the simplicity of a money-making machine where all that’s required is you put your money in and magically it will spit out more money. I’m not saying that’s what Mr. Robles is promising, but people looking for the typical “get rich quick” option can easily process promotions like this one as an “easy way out” of their current financial distress. Desperate people in desperate times do desperate things.

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Positives for Bitcoin Mentor Club

Mr. Robles gives no reason to doubt his data or sincerity. His background, successes and knowledge base are quite impressive, and the cryptocurrency market has proven itself to be a true investment opportunity.

I honestly can see how this could be a viable, profitable investment for someone who is knowledgeable in the area, has expendable money to invest and/or the money to retain a professional financial investor.

Bitcoin Mentor Club Conclusion

After doing a bit more research into the whole cryptocurrency trend that seems to be exploding right now, it is certainly interesting. But would I recommend it? Will I invest in it myself?

To me, investments such as this concept, like the stock market, is comparable to gambling. I’m not going to put on the table what I’m not willing to lose. And I’m not a gambler, no matter the size of my bank account. – it’s just not me.

If this does tickle your fancy and you do choose to pursue this investment, my advice would simply be to be cautious. You certainly could make money, but it is a gamble and there are no guarantees.

Rather than gambling, I prefer to invest my money, time, blood, sweat and tears into a business I can develop and grow, be in control and make the decisions.  I have no use for an automated machine telling me what to do and what not to do.

Before you leave…

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